How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

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As you dive into week 3 you. will become very aware that a busy lifestyle can make it a challenge to get all the nutrition you require. You don't need to make any special trips to a vitamin store because I provide an excellent online source for organic, non-GMO supplements. Not only does this save you valuable time by delivering right to your door, but it allows you to get high quality supplements at better than average prices.  Follow the link and you can explore the entire supplement catalogue. If you want targeted recommendations, I provide that as well. 

☞ Supplement Discount Information

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  • Top Brands + Unbeatable Prices
  • Click on Fullscript & Create Account
  • VEGAN recommendations can be found here:              ☞ L Column > Catalog > Patient Therapies > Vegetarian     
  • or Browse the Catalog for your favorites & place order

   ☞ Knife Safety Tutorial

A quick tutorial on safety tips using kitchen knives has also been included. You will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, so please take a few minutes to watch the video.

   ☞ Free eBook

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Last, but not least, is my eBook about the 6 everyday foods that nearly everyone has in their kitchen that can wreak havoc on their health. It is not an opinion piece, but rather, it is based on research findings. Also, explore my simple Diet Cleanup Protocol, to help you take charge of your health and support your VEGAN journey.