How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

Conclusion & Thank You

Conclusion & Thank You


Congratulations on completing this course!

You are now well equipped to SUCCEED as a VEGAN Expert!

TEENS, making a commitment to become VEGAN is compassionate decision! The VEGAN Ideal is a lofty one and covers a LOT of ground. It ‘s a philosophy that challenges every part of our lives:

  • Food to Farms

  • Nutrition & Protein

  • Sustainability and Supplements

  • Cruelty & Compassion

  • Environment & Equality

  • Love & Family

💕 Your choice to complete this course is laudable. Give yourself the gift of time. Take this one step at a time. Keep learning because the world needs people like you! 

PARENTS, you should be proud of how much your teen cares about their impact on this world! It is a sure sign that they have a heart that is reaching out to connect with a peaceful world. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this webinar. 🥑🍒🥦


I know from personal experience that navigating these waters takes time and patience. 

The kitchen skills, meal preparation and learning to live VEGAN will evolve. But it is the Communication, Compromise and Love - the core tools - that will see you through.

Give yourself the gift of time. Take this one step at a time. 

It has been my absolute pleasure to share this content with you!


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