How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

Module 2-3: Things To Chew On

This week, Bo shares his best VEGAN tricks to boost 
proteins and nutrients.  Grains & Greens are his favorite!
Check out his handy worksheets!

Grain Gathering:

Grains are very beneficial to the VEGAN diet because they are rich in nutrients. Here is a video to help you understand what the different grains are and how to use them. Not everyone can properly digest them due to gluten intolerance. However, there are several grains that are gluten free! Check it out.

Nutrition Boosters:

Need more protein? Start here when you need to boost your Essential Amino Acid intake! It is amazing what one serving of these complete plants can add to your nutritional intake.  

Meat Analogues:

These are gaining popularity as the general public embraces plant-based eating options. They are a good choice if you are looking to use the Increase/Decrease Method for transitioning to the VEGAN diet. Learn the pros & cons of these foods.

Refrigerator Checklist:

This is a great tool and should be used by every new VEGAN.

It will help you regularly add in complete proteins. Once you have created a solid habit of using these foods, you will no longer need it.  

Diet Assessment Worksheet:

A handy worksheet to have when looking at your nutrition numbers! Helps you to find the problem, address it, create a solution and then discover if it works. 

Nutrition Boosters

Meat Analogues

Refrigerator Checklist

Diet Assessment Worksheet

Glorious Greens!

🗝 A VEGAN diet is nearly unthinkable without a daily serving of greens! Learn why in my blog on this topic. It also includes a great recipe for Rainbow Chard - it is wonderful!

Glorious Greens 1.JPG