How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

Module 2-7: Expert's Area


Build your toolkit:

The Expert's Area  is where you sharpen your knowledge and skill.

🔧 Use these ideas to start building your Toolkit.

During Week #1 we recognized that a good mindset will be key to your success as a VEGAN. How we talk about this decision will help others around you to be less reactive. Keys include building your knowledge base & creating good habits. Active observing and not reacting, reflecting their concerns, being kind and using meditation. 

This week we turn our focus to nutrition. Every diet requires attention to certain gaps. For example, a meat-eater will need to find ways to increase fiber, while a VEGAN will need to  include complete plant proteins into daily meals.


Below I have provided information to deepen your knowledge in this area. The more you work on meeting your RDAs, the less room there will be for junk foods. Your body will reward you with vibrant health! But it doesn't happen overnight. The more you know, the healthier you will be.

It's Good to Know... 
Hey Sprout! 

You may have noticed that many pictures of VEGAN foods have bean sprouts on top. This is not just for decoration. Bean sprouts are amazingly nutritious!

  • Learn to make sprouts at home!

  • Fantastic Nutrition/Cost ratio

  • Add to any meal 


Microbiome = Gut Health

What is a Microbiome? 

Every person has billions of beneficial bacteria, fungi and viruses in their digestive tract! They protect your health. They make immune fighting molecules, they guard the lining of the GI tract, they make vitamins and ALSO help to make hormones!


Gut Health ➙ Brain Health

A balanced microbiome is able to help manufacture serotonin. Serotonin is our 'feel good' hormone.  Over 80% of our serotonin is made in the gut.


Eat Well

When a person's diet is full of processed junk food and sugar, it feeds bad bacteria resulting in poor digestion, gas and fatigue. In other words, their microbiome gets sick. Their gut-brain connection is impaired and it can show through negative thinking and behavior. 

A VEGAN diet is packed with nutrient dense foods and fiber, which nourishes the good bacteria in the microbiome. This make for a positive gut-brain connection -- so it is no mistake VEGANs are happy people!

Happy VEGAN microbiome.jpg
Nutritious grain bowl.jpg

Power Bowls  


            ☀️ Learn to make this 5-minute meal

            ☀️ Surprisingly easy

            ☀️ Keeps your nutrient intake high!

            ☀️ Gives you staying power





Cronometer Q & A

1) Who needs to track their VEGAN foods


2) What is the right calorie intake for me?

3) Where do I find food suggestions?


4) When do I start to worry about nutrient gaps?

5) Why are there 11 amino acids listed?

6) How do I use the charts?

 🥬 Greens & Beans 


You're not a meat-eater anymore!

VEGAN foods do no look like or taste like the Standard American Diet (SAD).

A smart successful VEGAN will learn to embrace real foods, rather than look-alike products.

Listen for a few minutes here. It should help you shift your thinking.



Exercise Drives Nutrition to Your Cells

Want to help your body get more out of the foods you eat?...Exercise!