How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

Module 3-1: Kitchen Love

Whip Up Something Good!

Kitchen Appliances


Basic needs


Awesome Accessories

Meal Prep Pro 🗝

  1.  Salads

  2.  Snacks

  3.  Freezer

  4.  Fruit

Below is another video on communication.

🗝 Why Your 7 Jobs Matter 

Kitchen Compromise


Shared space


Let your actions speak louder than your words.



Costs/ Shopping/ Storage/ Etiquette


Remember that it takes practice to get some of these things down.

I recommend 30 minutes a day with simple goals:

  • Freeze bananas & strawberries for smoothies

  • Set up your salad bar for the week

  • Cut up a fresh pineapple. Eat some, store some, freeze some

  • Make couscous and store for later

  • Practice cutting up tomatoes - they're cheap 

  • Prep potatoes for the family dinner

  • Slice up a brick of tofu and let it drain

  • Make a grilled tempeh wrap