How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

Module 3-3: Things To Chew On

This week, Bo shows you a few Kitchen Hacks!

(He's especially fond of the Snack Hacks) 🍖 

5 Bo-dacious Winning Ways:

While you are doing great things in the kitchen, it will never be appreciated if you leave a mess. ALWAYS leave the kitchen in the same condition - or better - than when you started. These simple and super quick actions on your part will win points and gratitude.

They are all easy tasks

- So don't leave the kitchen without doing one!

   ♠️ Put up fresh towels

   ♠️ Wash knives - never leave them out!

   ♠️ Wipe counters 

   ♠️ Load the dishwasher​

   ♠️ Freeze ripe fruit that won't be used

Kitchen Hacks:

➙ The Timer is Everything! ⏲

  • Use the timer on the stove 

  • Never burn your pans again

  • It takes literally 2 seconds to set, so just do it

➙ The Lazy Susan: 🔘

  • See the video below and learn about the delightful way to serve food and keep popular extras at hand!

➙ Use a Clip to store bags

  • Sometimes the ziplock seal doesn't work well

  • Easy and quick 

  • Useful for plastic freezer bags

➙ Refrigerator Shelf  📥

  • Dedicate half a shelf in the frig for your VEGAN foods

  • Makes it easier on everyone to find their foods

➙ Sharpies & Ziplocks 🖊 

  • Keep these handy and label bags MM/DD 

  • Put a small bin on your refrigerator shelf to store snacks and leftovers

  • Toss out left-overs older than a week

➙ Silicone Ice Cube Trays 🧊

  • Freeze left over juice

  • Perfect size for making smoothies

  • Silicone is Flexible ➙ Easy to use

The Lazy Susan

You won't know how you survived without it!

Bo's SNACK Attacks

in 5-minutes or Less:

How many minutes does each one take?

  • Apples 'n Almond butter

  • Mango Grid
  • 10 Nuts
  • Smoothies
  • Honey Juice