How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

Module 4-7: Expert's Area


Build your toolkit:

In the Expert's Area, you will find ideas and best practices that will set you apart. Here is where you sharpen your knowledge and skill.

🔧 Use these ideas to start building your Toolkit.

A toolkit is an essential need for you to be successful in anything that you do. A chef wouldn't try to cook without a pan or an oven. A runner can't run without the right shoes. A teacher cannot teach without books. An engineer can't build without formulas. A doctor can't heal without knowledge.


What tools to VEGANs need?

Knowledge to maintain their perspective. Nutritional awareness. Daily/Weekly habits that keep them on track. Quiet time to reflect. Willingness to improve. Communication skills - and more. 

It's Good to Know... 
Criticism Comebacks

How do you handle the sharp barbs?



VEGAN Pigeonholes

You and I both know that whatever brought you to choose the VEGAN diet - it's all good. By now you see that this is a journey, not an overnight transformation. Many people around you will struggle with your decision. I believe this is where labels pop up - to help others understand this choice. My advice is to used this to your plant-based advantage! 


Ethical VEGAN 

Every person has billions of beneficial bacteria, fungi and viruses in their digestive tract! They protect your health. They make immune fighting molecules, they guard the lining of the GI tract, they make vitamins and ALSO help to make hormones!


Environmental VEGAN

A balanced microbiome is able to help manufacture serotonin. Serotonin is our 'feel good' hormone.  Over 80% of our serotonin is made in the gut.



When a person's diet is full of processed junk food and sugar, it feeds bad bacteria resulting in poor digestion, gas and fatigue. In other words, their microbiome gets sick. Their gut-brain connection is impaired and it can show through negative thinking and behavior. 

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Scaling. 📈

     Keep Dreaming & Planning  

 Scaling means setting the stage to enable and support growth. You need planning and support. Buying everything you want, like kitchen tools, can be a lot all at once. Instead, set a budget for the month. Then look at what you plan to cook, and buy that lemon juicer. This is a fun way to look forward to new VEGAN adventures!


What are you gonna do next month?


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Support Groups

Harness he power of community!

1) Invite friends over to make VEGAN food

     A great way to build friendships and culinary skills!

2) Join a VEGAN organization

     Find ways to get involved and you will feel empowered

3) Online Groups

     Like our Discussion Group, these can help you see that      you are not alone.

4) Bond with family as you help prepare meals

     Parents want what is best for their teens. They want to      support you too!  By spending time helping prep foods,      you will be sharing your love for VEGAN foods with             them.

 🌎  Think Global & Act Local  🏘


Let your VEGAN beliefs guide you to finding ways to improve your community. 

♻️ Volunteer for Hazardous waste recycling events

🌳 Help plant trees

🏫  Start a VEGAN Club at school

🗣 Give talks about being VEGAN

🤑  Fund raise by selling reusable grocery bags