How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

Module 1-7: Expert's Area


Build your toolkit:

In the Expert's Area, you will find ideas and best practices that will set you apart. Here is where you sharpen your knowledge and skill.

🔧 Use these ideas to start building your Toolkit.

A toolkit is an essential need for you to be successful in anything that you do. A chef wouldn't try to cook without a pan or an oven. A runner can't run without the right shoes. A teacher cannot teach without books. An engineer can't build without formulas. A doctor can't heal without knowledge.


What tools do VEGANs need?

Knowledge to maintain their perspective. Nutritional analysis & awareness. Daily/Weekly habits that keep them on track. Quiet time to reflect. Willingness to improve. Communication skills - and more. 

It's Good to Know... 
The Spectrum of Vegetarian Diets

Have you been told that the VEGAN diet is extreme?  

I assure you that it is not!

Vegetarian diets have many variations:

    Pesco = Fish 🐟

    Lacto = Dairy 🧀

    Ovo = Eggs 🥚

    WFPB = Whole food, plant-based 🌾

    Raw Food = Nothing cooked 🥦

    Fruitarian = Fruit only 🍓

Range of Vegetarian Choices.png


Meditation 🧘🏾

Why? Meditation helps you stay centered when everything and everyone around you seems to disagree. Most of your role models have one quality - and that is the ability to stay the course when the pressure is on. Meditation is calming and helps you to take a step back and simply breathe.


How? Sit in a quiet room and close your eyes. Focus on a sound, or on your breath, and try to just be. Alternatively, some people find that a simple repetitive chore like washing dishes is a way to clear their mind. Others find walking works.  


Use it: When stress appears, you will be well practiced at finding inner calm.

Ocean Rocks
Plate of Antioxidants 16.JPG

Plate of Antioxidants

     A daily invitation to snack healthy.

Create a beautiful platter - or bowl - filled with nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables! 

    ❇️ Keep it on the kitchen table. Replenish weekly.

    ❇️ A great grab and go snack!

    ❇️ Keeps your nutrient intake high!

    ❇️ Perfect for a midday snack

    ❇️ Creates a beautiful centerpiece

    🌠 Post a pic of YOUR Plate of Antioxidants!


Beau in a chair.jpg


Words of Wisdom

Bo would like to share some words of advice which has helped him relate to other dogs. He thinks it will help.

1) The Art of Humor:

     Try not to take yourself too seriously. Life is much              better when you make time for play.

2) The Art of Gratitude:

     Be thankful for every situation both good & bad. You          will learn from all of it. And if you play it right, you            might get a reward.

3) The Art of Zen:

     Observe & Reflect vs. React & Offend

     People generally don't want you to bark at them.

 🥕Nutrition Assessment 🥕


In this video we take a deeper dive into how to use your Cronometer data!

Teens are growing rapidly. Targeted nutrition during this time is extremely important. 

  • How to figure out if your meals are providing enough nutrition

  • The 7 Nutrients that need attention

  • Where to get a weekly summary

  • Creating improvements

  • When to take supplements

This video will help you improve your nutritional intake and help you plan better meals.