How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

Module 1-4: Books & Movies

Seeking out books and movies is a fun way to deepen your knowledge of the VEGAN diet. 

Suggested Reading:

'Diet Revolution' 2021

by John Robbins

Being VEGAN is more than a way to eat.


Every week I will introduce you to a book and a movie that notably impacted the way people look at the VEGAN diet. 


I happen to love the work by John Robbins, who was VEGAN when being VEGAN wasn't cool! He is truly a trailblazer. The best thing about his work is that it is well researched.

The movie for this week has not had such a warm reception from the VEGAN community. It is another voice, and it may be the only voice people hear. It is good to be aware of this. Please, if you have time, watch this through and post some thoughts about it on our discussion group. 

Suggested Movie:

'What the Health'