How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

Course Schedule

Week 1: The VEGAN Ideal

          Module 1             Introduction, The Reason, The VEGAN Ideal (PPs)

          Module 2             Set Your Mind on Success, Tedx Talk, Communicating TEDx (videos)

          Module 3             Data Talks (chronometer slide tutorial me), What the Health? (movie)

          Module 4             Family focus content Psych! (pdf)

          Module 5             Discussion page: Data vs. Opinion, What inspires You to be VEGAN?

          Module 6             Recipes: Hummus, Buckwheat Waffles, Taco Tuesday, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole (pdfs w/ image)


Week 2: Protein & Nutrition

         Module 1              Social Curriculum vs. Science, Nutrition Guide, Meat Alternatives (PPs)

         Module 2              The Protein Debate, 7 Common Diet Gaps (videos me)

         Module 3              Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (movie)

         Module 4              Family focus content: No Diet is Perfect, Nutrient sources, Supplementation, Greens & Beans (pdfs) 

         Module 5              Discussion: What did chronometer show you?

         Module 6              Recipes: Cream of Broccoli soup, Tabouli, Sautéed Mushrooms (pdf, image)


Week 3: Kitchen Hacks

         Module 1:           Kitchen Hacks, Snack Hacks, The Compromise (PPs) 

         Module 2:           How to Videos, Soy Tofu & Tempeh, Grains, Tofu & Tempeh (videos me)

         Module 3:           newer movie (movie)

         Module 4:           Family focus content (pdf) cost, shopping, special tx, meal prep 

         Module 5:           Discussion: Share your favorite VEGAN recipe OR Kitchen hack

         Module 6:           Recipes: Oatmeal, Tempeh wrap, Coconut curry (pdf, image)          


Week 4: Living VEGAN/ Family Focus

         Module 1:            Global Impact (PP), Your Path Forward Living VEGAN (PP) 

         Module 2:            Balance or Fail (video slides me), Backyard Chickens & Honey (video me)

         Module 3:            Forks Over Knives (movie)

         Module 4:            Family focus content Gradual shift (pdf)

         Module 5:            Discussion: What one thing will you change about your lifestyle now that you are VEGAN?

         Module 6:            Recipes: Curry Lentil Soup, Bread & Olive oil w/ herbs (pdf, image)