Are You Ready to Become a VEGAN Expert?

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VEGAN Teen Webinar

How to Help Your VEGAN Teen Succeed

A Transformational Program that will move You

from Novice to Expert in 30 days

VEGAN Teen Webinar

A Course for Parents AND Teens

🥬 Embrace the process

🍎 Tackle barriers

🥑 Discover nutritional balance

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Hold the Keys to UNLOCK your VEGAN experience!​

🗝 Create meals that feed growing teens

🗝 Nutrition solutions

🗝 Kitchen skills 

🗝 Lifestyle Hacks

The search is over 

If you are seeking reliable information and advice on the VEGAN diet -

Then you have come to the right place!

I have consolidated the key variables for VEGAN success in one webinar!

You will have access to everything you need to effortlessly succeed.


How the Program Works

This 4-week webinar empowers teens and their families to rewrite their food story

by addressing the main drivers of the VEGAN diet:

1) Philosophy 

2) Nutrition Density

3) Whole food meals

4) Lifestyle Balance

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Each week is divided into 7 Modules, filled with useful Tools, Research-based videos, Expert advice, Recipes and more 

A private online Discussion Group is dedicated to discussing ideas, sharing stories and supporting each other through the process

5 Reasons You will Love this Webinar!

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1️⃣ Goal Setting & Support

As with any goal it is essential to set your mind on success. The coursework includes how to best achieve this through setting intention, vision and communication. We harness this energy through supporting each other on our private online discussion group.

2️⃣ Social Skills

You will learn how to effectively communicate to others about this diet, and will be prepared when others challenge you. It is a proactive approach which will help teens and their families set good boundaries.

3️⃣ Nutrition

An entire week is spent on understanding the special foods and nutritional needs of the VEGAN diet. You will learn how to assess the quality of your diet using a nutrition tracking program. You will learn strategies on how to improve your nutrition so that you are getting everything you need during this major growth phase of life.

4️⃣ Meal Prep

Kitchen skills are crucial to achieving proper health, so skills from knife handling to chopping vegetables are included. You will explore many different foods from mangoes to kale to squash. This is paired with helpful apps to help with shopping, and many how-to videos on preparing tofu, tempeh, grains and greens. 

5️⃣ Recipes

Throughout the program, you will  progressively gain experience making dishes and meals. Upon completion of the program you will have made 25 delicious dishes!

 VEGAN Teen Webinar

🍍🍍 Bonus Success Toolkit​ 🍍🍍
  • Meal Planning and Shopping Guide
  • Nutrition Boosters
  • Hungry Harvey Recipes
  • Knife Safety Tutorial
  • VEGAN Athlete 
  • Supplement Discount
  • Free eBook Culprits in Your Kitchen

Invest in Your VEGAN Success

Let's take a look at the value you will receive:

10 hrs Nutritional Coaching:                $750

4 hrs of How-to Kitchen Videos:          $200

25 Recipes:                                                 $20

4 hrs Communication Training:          $200

Success Toolkit:                                         $50

                                TOTAL VALUE      $1220

As a parent, I have personally experienced the challenges a VEGAN teen faces.

 I have been in your shoes.

Wading through this mountain of material can be daunting,

but it doesn't have to be overwhelming or pricey.


As a nutritionist I wanted to provide a sensible solution to this issue by bringing all the information your family needs to succeed into ONE place.

I also want to provide this material at a fair cost. 

I'm so confident in this program that I'm offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

This webinar has the ability to transform you into a VEGAN expert.

It will give you the confidence and skills that you need.

And I believe that you will succeed.  

I am offering this webinar package for the modest price of  $229

A Transformational Program that will move You

from Novice to Expert in 30 days