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Rose Patient, RN, MCHC, MNT, HTP

Registered Nurse, RN
Master Certified Health Coach, MCHC

Master Nutrition Therapist, MNT
Healing Touch Practitioner, HTP


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Why Do I Need a Health Coach?

  • Are you 30, 40 or 50?

  • Has your doctor told you that you're pre-diabetic, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol...etc.?

  • How many times a year do you see them?

  • Did you talk with them for more than 10 minutes?

  • Was their primary recommendation medication?

You were probably told to improve your diet, exercise and maybe even start 'mindfulness practices'...


It's not realistic to think you can turn your situation around with a 10 minute conversation because Your needs are unique, such as:

  • Demanding work hours

  • Young children/ Aging parents to care for

  • Food sensitivities

  • Cultural & Religious traditions

  • Little time to prepare healthy meals

  • Not confident in knowledge of nutrition

  • And what about...

Are you worried that medication is your only best option?

Don't you want to be in charge and reclaim your health?

Then consider working with me.

I'm not just a fly-by-night health coach. Let's face it, those are easy to find and they only know their solution and try to impose it on you.

✓ I'm an RN, with a degree in nutrition, a master's in Business, and a graduate of one of the best Health Coach programs in the country.

✓ I work with you to discover unique solutions that are tailored to your needs, lifestyle and driven by what motivates YOU. It's all about you, baby! 

✓ Through weekly meetings, we explore ideas and information to see if these could work for you. Then you choose your path and I am by your side to problem solve as you make progress. 

✨ You CAN reclaim your health. It's possible to get off of medications. ✨

I won't try to scare you into behaviors that are short-term solutions. We will work together to create lifelong solutions so you can thrive.

Doesn't that sound better than an annual physical and lecture?

Give it a try. Today is a new day.

You've got nothing to lose, and Everything to Gain!

~ Rose

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2008 MNT Nutrition Therapy Institute


2018 MBA Walsh College

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1989 BSN University of Michigan

2022 Certified Health Coach


2023 Healing Touch Practitioner

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