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How to Go Vegan in 3 Weeks
without Stress

An Original Course by Rose Patient RN, Health Coach, Owner Patient Therapies, LLC

You'll become a Vegan Expert

  • Nutrition Answers

  • Mastering the Meals w/ 

    • Recipes

    • How-To Videos

  • Vegan Lifestyle Hacks

  • How to Handle Negative Nancys

What's in the Course?


Over 50 Lessons Covering Everything you Need to Succeed !

7-Day Menu, Over 20 Recipes,

Strategies, Research, pdfs, Video & more

Screenshot of 7-day Menu Vegan.png

Over 20 nutritionally balanced recipes

Rose's Recipes copy.png

Learn to assess your nutritional intake

Nutrition report sample.png

All about Complete Plant Proteins


How to approach the protein question properly

The Protein Question.png

Engaging, Supportive & helpful content

Chew on this.png

"It's my job to make YOU a Vegan Expert!"

~ Master Nutrition Therapist, Rose Patient, Health Coach, RN

aka Vegan Enthusiast!

You will have 12-month access to all of the content 

with a 30-day money back guarantee

Sample Content


Please take a few minutes to listen to this video. It's part of the course and has valuable nutritional insights.

This is research based content and NOT designed to be flashy. This course is to help you - not mislead you. 

(Jump to 3:20 to skip the intro)

  • A Full 7-Day Menu, complete w/shopping list
  • Meal Planning and Shopping Guide
  • Nutrition Boosters Reference Chart
  • 20% Supplement Discount
  • Free eBook Culprits in Your Kitchen
  • A Guided Meditation

When you purchase this 'How to Go Vegan' course, you will also receive some great bonus material 

5 Reasons You will Love this Course!

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Meal prep board and knife.jpg
Smiling woman in kitchen.jpg

1) Goal Setting & Support


As with any goal it is essential to set your mind on success. The coursework includes how to best achieve this through setting intention, vision and communication. We harness this energy through supporting each other on our private online discussion group.

2) Social Skills

You will learn how to effectively communicate to others about this diet, and will be prepared when others challenge you. It is a proactive approach which will help teens and their families set good boundaries.

3) Nutrition Tools


An entire week is spent on understanding the special foods and nutritional needs of the VEGAN diet. You will learn how to assess the quality of your diet using a nutrition tracking program. You will learn strategies on how to improve your nutrition so that you are getting everything you need during this major growth phase of life.

4) Meal Prep


Kitchen skills are crucial to achieving proper health, so skills from knife handling to chopping vegetables are included. You will explore many different foods from mangoes to kale to squash. This is paired with helpful apps to help with shopping, and many how-to videos on preparing tofu, tempeh, grains and greens. 

5) Recipes


Throughout the program, you will  progressively gain experience making dishes and meals. Upon completion of the program you will have made over 20 delicious VEGAN dishes!

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