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Shift from Novice to Expert 
w/ Online Nutrition Courses    $49 each

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 $49 each, and packed with nutritional nuggets!

     Every diet has it's positives and negatives.

These courses elevate your success with expert guidance & tips!


~ Rose (and learn more about me here)


Working from Home

These courses are designed for your lifestyle!


You can digest the content (pun intended) at your own pace. They are loaded with all the nutrition information that you're seeking, including evidence-based research, videos, and downloadable charts and tools!


You also have access to working with me, Rose, your personal health coach. I'll give you the inside scoop on how best to tackle each challenge you face.




How to go vegan in 3 weeks Without stress

This online course is your source for all your vegan questions. Including 4.5 hrs of video, In-depth nutritional information, The Complete Protein answer, Recipes, & Lifestyle hacks. 

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True Keto-phytes will attest that this is an amazing diet. A low-carb strategy that can bring rapid results. This online course will dive deep into this diet strategy. Get your macros on and bring on the fat-bombs!

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