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Become a VEGAN Expert!

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🌱 VEGANism is much more than a cruelty-free way to eat. It impacts almost every aspect of your lifestyle. Mastering the food is a big challenge. When you are feeling ready, you may want to wade into some of these waters...

👕  Clothing

♻️  Recycling

📃  Paper vs. Electronics 📲

👞  Leather products 

💋  Cosmetics 

Be sure to look at this next exercise too!

One Day, One Change at a time

Living VEGAN

by Rose Patient

Leather, Electronics,

Paper & Cosmetics

by Rose Patient

Below is a final video on communication.
When to Play Possum 

It's Not About You


"Grey rocking"


Let your actions speak louder than your words


Observe, don't absorb

Week 4 Featured Recipes:

😋    ⤓ Breakfast Bars


🍄🥬   ⤓ Sautéed Mushroom & Kale 

💙  ⤓ Tofurky Sandwich

🍲   ⤓ Lentil Soup w/ VEGAN sausage


🥗   ⤓ CBS = Crazy Big Salad 

🧅    ⤓ Pickled Onions 

🍨   ⤓ HUNGRY HARVEY = Chocolate N'ice Cream

FYI:  These are all pictures from my kitchen. I wanted to give you real world images.

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