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Become a VEGAN Expert!

2nd VEGAN webinar CONTENT

Week 4 Topics:

  1. Share your VEGAN goal for next month

  2. Complete this sentence: "Being VEGAN is like..."

  3. Your thoughts on Leather

  4. What 1 Thing will you change about your lifestyle?

  5. Supplement Plans

  6. Favorite moment of this webinar


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Nutritious grain bowl.jpg

Power Bowls  


            ☀️ Learn to make this 5-minute meal

            ☀️ Surprisingly easy

            ☀️ Keeps your nutrient intake high!

            ☀️ Gives you staying power




4️⃣       Truth in labeling 


Just because it's on the label...

Learn to look for symbols that show a product has been certified by the proper organization.

Common terms that confuse and mislead

The shift to transparency in labeling laws.

Exercise Drives Nutrition to Your Cells

Want to help your body get more out of the foods you eat?...Exercise!

Click on the image below to check out my blog on this  ↴


Beyond Diet Clean-up 🗝

Eating Disorders

Bad Bargains

The P.C. Cover Story

Meal Prep Pro 🗝

  1.  Salads

  2.  Snacks

  3.  Freezer

  4.  Fruit

Below is another video on communication.

🗝 Why Your 7 Jobs Matter 

Kitchen Compromise


Shared space


Let your actions speak louder than your words.



Costs/ Shopping/ Storage/ Etiquette

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