Driving Nutrition to your Cells

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Driving Nutrition to your Cells

Exercise is a catalyst for nutrition. The increased blood flow to your muscles and organs will drive nutrition to your cells. You can sit on a couch and eat healthy food, and drink vegetable juice all day, but you will not get optimal results. You may not even get good results!

When you exercise, you breathe deeper, your heart rate increases and every cell gets more blood flow. Your muscles pump, squeeze and work, all helping to massage tissues, which can then release toxins easily. The increased blood flow helps to scoop up these waste products and escort them to the kidney and GI tract for removal.

Without exercise, your cells, tissues and organs do not get this benefit. At the cellular level, it becomes difficult to remove waste products, trapping potentially harmful toxins in cells. As cells become stressed, the tissues and then organs become stressed. To have a smoothly functioning body, we need to move!

Now, there are many who exercise, but continue to clog up their bodies with junk food. Driving junk food to cells can cause a lot of harm. And if their diet is consistently low in nutrition, then their bodies will have to build cells with low quality materials. If you are building a house, do you want to use low grade lumber? Do you want filmy windows?

We truly are what we eat! So do your body a favor and eat nutrient dense foods to fuel your workouts.

~ Rose


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