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Updated: Mar 7, 2020


I find it tiring that author after author wants to lay claim to health. The reality is that how we reach optimal health is highly individual. The Zone diet may work for you, or the Atkins’ diet may work for another – but in nearly every situation – no one stays on such a regimen for their entire lifetime. What happens, is that each time we try a special diet, we learn a little bit about food, and a lot about our mind and bodies. It is fun to learn about food in this way, but it can lead to a rollercoaster of weight loss/gain if we are not careful.

I have to admit, that I have been one of the healthiest people that I know! Haha! Yes, after several decades, I can claim this title. And this is why: I don’t belong to any one diet plan.


The vegetarian philosophy, lifestyle and food has always resonated with me. I know that this is a fundamental belief for me, yet there are occasions when I eat fish, eggs, cheese or meat. Purists will cry “Foul!” for certain! But I just don’t let that get to me. Show me how perfect you are, and you will have my admiration. However, I cannot let myself be judged - or judge myself for that matter – for being human.

The nutritionist in me has verified that the vegan diet is safe, nutritious and delicious. If I was rich enough to employ a private chef, then vegan I would be! But what if a friend prepared a meal for me, and it wasn’t vegan? I would eat it with thanksgiving and gratitude for their gift of time, thoughtfulness and food. Food needs to unify us.

So, if you are seeking healthier ways to improve your diet, then I can certainly help. I have a “no judgement zone” of my own! I would love to share with you, and guide you into a meal plan that makes sense for your life, and will thrill your doctor with improved lab results.

Until next time,

Eat well!

~ Rose


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