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Train Crash - Where Diets End

This is why diets don't work: Your body will only sustain a reduction in calories for 6-12 months, then it will protest. You have to be in charge, not the diet.

I am tired of seeing YouTube ads that tell you everything you know about food is wrong. It's just their hook. Don't fall for it. They know that the only way into your pocket is to make you doubt your own sanity. Only you can report on what works for you. But I guarantee that you don't need to chug olive oil in order to get results.

These doctors have learned how to make you afraid.

Gurus tell you that exercise won't help you lose weight.

There's a limited amount of time that your body will respond to a major change in the macros of Protein, Carbs and Fat. If your new diet isn't playing with macros deliberately, it is by default restricting carbs. Your body is not designed to be miserable for extended periods of time.

You cannot live in fear of food.

I have never dieted in my life until this past year. I have always trusted in natural foods and I have for decades, taken supplements. However, I needed personal data to understand popular diets, their parameters, their fake secrets. The only way to do this was to experience these popular diets myself.

As a nutritionist, I endeavored to follow 12 diets in