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You Need a Diet Coach

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

There are so many weight loss books on the market, it is overwhelming. they all seem to claim THE secret that will help you lose that extra weight. Well, as Kung Fu Panda said, "There is no secret ingredient!" Just a lot of overzealous folks and a cheesy sales pitch.

Another problem is that most of these diet plans are not balanced nutritionally.

Consider these popular options:

1. Meat + minimal carbohydrates

2. Chalky drinks as meal replacements

3. Use up points and then stop eating

4. Juicing only

5. Raw foods

6. Foods selected based on blood type

Value? Yes, but limited.

So we end up with multiple experts all claiming to have the THE SECRET to weight loss.

Take a look at that list again.

Do any of those sound easy? First you have to read the book, learn their "method" and then try really hard to convince yourself it's great. Few people can discipline themselves to the program. It's overwhelming.

Remember, that their truth only works for a select few - and none of them work long-term.

Since weight gain is inevitable once you are off the diet, is it really worth the effort? It is so much easier to just eat what is available then having to wade through conflicting reports on what is good or bad for you.

That's where I come in.


We will take the journey together.

You need a coach, not a book. Nutrition coaching is the key to losing weight and finding better health. Having a mentor is one of the best options you have. No special meals to buy, or embarrassing weigh-ins.

Just you and me.

I offer nutrition coaching and other services to help you get your life in harmony with your food choices. Invest in yourself.

YOU are worth it!



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