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Confused About Coffee?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Is Coffee Good or Bad?

This is a classic example of confusing research.

1) BAD: The Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported in 2002 in a Nov 21st press release, that coffee is bad for you because of the homocysteine which can increase your risk for heart disease. (

2) GOOD: The Journal of American Medicine Association reported in 2018 that coffee "can be a part of a healthy diet." (


Unfortunately, because we have easy access to published research studies, we often get ahead of the big picture. Research takes time to analyze all the factors, and one study is not likely to have the information you need to be useful.

Researchers try very hard to isolate and study the impact of one variable. They may ask, "Does drinking coffee make you live longer?" or "Does coffee raise your blood pressure?"

Can we really apply these research results to all people equally? No, because our lives are beautifully complex. For example one person could drink coffee, is a vegetarian, love sports, and goes to college. Another person could drink coffee, is a meat eater, is married with 5 kids, has a stressful commute to a job, and have no time to exercise. All of these factors can influence blood pressure and longevity.

Shouldn't research attempt to study more than one variable? Data scientists are using math to help us converge results of multiple studies to help determine overall trends. This is called META-ANALYSIS.

Below is a link to such a meta-analysis on coffee, published on January of 2020.

So...What do they say? Is Coffee Good or Bad?

3) UNCERTAIN: They determined that there are 'confounding variables' that must be considered before drawing conclusions on coffee! Especially whether the coffee drinker smokes and how DIET choices vary.

Ahhh. It all comes down to WHAT YOU EAT.

Are you surprised?

Are you frustrated?

This is why I do what I do

I have studied health and nutrition and I am ready to work with you to sort through what foods can help you with your circumstances.

Contact me on this website, email or call me directly.


Until then, Be Kind to Yourself!

~ Rose RN, Health Coach


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