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Last Night I Dreamed of Eating Bread -- Oh, KETO !

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Last night I dreamed of eating bread.

This morning I questioned why I am torturing myself like this?

I have never been a 'dieter' and my eating habits are pretty darn good. But I wanted to understand the drive, the impact and the struggles that go hand-in-hand with popular diets.

What good is a health coach if they can't relate to your struggles?

  • I am a nurse

  • I am a nutritionist

  • I am a health coach

My whole life I have instinctively wanted to help people achieve their goals. Since I love talking and teaching about nutrition, what better way than to pursue a Nutrition Challenge: "12 Diets in 12 Months"?

Well, I can do anything for a month. Right?

The KETO diet has been one of the toughest diets so far. Hello bone broth and fat bombs. Goodbye to foods that have powerful positive associations. Bread is a comfort food. I miss it so much! No toast in the morning. No bagels for the mid-afternoon snack....In my dream I took a bite out of a Hawaiian roll! Or how about Pizza Night? Or Sunday Spaghetti with the kids? Diets are about food choices, but we can't ignore the compromises and how they impact us.

Eye-Opening Transition:

The other issue with KETO is the "adaptation" period. This is where you body gets better at using ketones for fuel instead of glucose. It is not only a physical struggle, but a mental one. My emotions are irritable, creating this tennis match in my head. My thoughts must rise above my emotions. If you have followed this diet, then you understand. If you haven't, it does sound a bit silly. I mean, doesn't everyone learn to rise above their emotions? Of course. It is just much harder when all your favorite foods are eliminated, and your husband wants to order Thai food and all you can eat is chicken satay.

Will this be worth it?

The promise of KETO is to keep you in a fat-burning mode which will accelerate weight loss. Carb restriction makes overeating nearly impossible. Often, I eat less than 1500 calories because I don't want another fat bomb. I can't even reach for a juicy piece of fruit. So, Yes, I expect to lose the few extra pounds I am carrying by the end of the month. I just wish I could do this while eating bread...

The jury is out...

Onward I go through the next 2 weeks. I feel as if the tennis game is at match point. Who will win? I will. Last night I sautéed kale and smothered it in chicken broth and cream cheese. I'll continue to endeavor making cheeseburger bakes and bone broth. I'll keep eating cream cheese as if it's the only thing on sale at the grocery store. KETO living is truly a different world.

If you are following the KETO diet, I now have a window into your world. Do you need a partner to support your KETO path? Do you need that nutritional insight as to how best to navigate your meals? Supplements? There's a lot to navigate, and I am now well positioned to support your journey.

You don't have to be on this journey alone

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Until next time,

Be Kind to Yourself!



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