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Spring Time Self-Care

Self-care has become a mantra in 2022. It's permission to get that facial, buy that shirt, and go for that nature walk. Restore-Renew! I love it! We breathe more, laugh more and happier when we care for ourselves.

Another powerful way to love yourself is to notice what's on your plate. Because that's what you're building your cells, tissues and hormones with. Clean eating is what you need - otherwise it's 'Garbage in - Garbage out' Right?

Eating Out

BUT... if you're like me, you enjoy eating out. This is one of my top ways to do self-care.

When someone else does the cooking (and the dishes), it just seems to taste better! I get to kick back, relax, sip a glass of wine and talk with my husband.

However, eating out is not always a blessing. The visual delight that is your meal is often loaded with chemicals that boost flavor, add texture or stabilize sauces. These additives are often not friendly to our digestive system, they are hard to export, and they can get stored or stuck in our tissues.

Restaurant food needs to be a special treat

So, what do you do if eating out is just a fact of your busy life? Are you doomed? Will all those bad molecules build up and wreak havoc on you? Is it just a matter of time before your system gets clogged up?


Is there a way to mitigate this situation? Can we unclog our pipes (so to speak).

Why, yes! Yes, there is!

Giving your body a break from eating your regular foods can be a powerful self-care practice. This can be done using many fasting methods, such as juicing, intermittent fasting and herbal cleanses (to name just a few).

It's like an oil change for your body. Fluids can get gummed up, and cause mechanical problems in a car. Cars last longer when maintained properly. Why aren't you doing the same for your body?

Timing your cleanse with the change of seasons will augment your efforts. There is an energetic change in the environment, as the trees wake up from their slumber and the birds return to rebuild their nests. A spring cleaning helps your own body to clear out what doesn't serve you. And sets the stage for health.

Benefits of a cleanse may include:

  • Weight loss

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Better lab values

  • Reduced sensitivity to allergens

  • Clear skin

  • Removal of the brain fog that you think is normal.

It truly is amazing how rejuvenating a cleanse can be.

I believe in regular seasonal cleanses. Even if it is for just a week, I always feel lighter and healthier. Your body needs this break more than you realize!

Like any good thing in life, health requires regular maintenance. If you're in need of a Health Coach, you can contact me:

Visit my Health Coaching website and explore what I offer:

Until next time...


~Be Kind to Yourself!



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