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What is your Sleep Protocol? 💤 😴

If you are not sleeping well, your body is sending out a signal that asks you to pay attention and find some balance.

Many people suffer from sleep disruption and insomnia. While the causes of the stress-related sleep disruption may not be able to shift, (child care, work demands etc.) your behaviors and habits CAN influence your sleep in a positive direction.

It's very likely that you don't know what a Sleep Protocol is, and even if you do, it isn't a priority. A Sleep Protocol is a series of things you do to promote the best most restful sleep possible. There are 3 areas that can make a big difference! Are there any on these lists that you can add to your day?

1) Creating a sleep-friendly Environment with the following:

  • Soothing music vs. stimulating electronics, cellphones and TV programs

  • Aroma diffuser with lavender and camomile

  • Dim lights after sundown

  • Soft pajamas vs. thick materials

  • Clean sheets

  • Comfortable mattress

  • Good pillow

  • Fresh air - consider opening up a window

  • Reduced air temp

2) A cumulative set of Habits that respect your sleep

  • Increase your water intake

  • Don't drink caffeine after 12noon

  • Establish an exercise routine - this strengthens the muscles, both mental and physical, rebalancing tension

  • Relax after dinner for 30 minutes and engage in something enjoyable, like reading a book, or watching a favorite show

  • Don't eat after 7pm - this helps reduce late night heartburn

  • Don't waste 2-3 hours watching tv - it's too stimulating

  • Limit wine/alcohol to one drink in the evening; excess in this area is likely to result in middle-of-the-night wakefulness

  • Disconnect from electronics 30 minutes before lights out

  • Make breakfast the night before, like Overnight Oats and juice

  • Turn on the Do Not Disturb function on your phone - you can still allow calls from favorites

3) Your down-cycle Hygiene Routine

  • Dim the lights as this will signal your brain to start releasing melatonin - your sleep hormone

  • Turn on soothing music

  • Shower - the warm water is soothing

  • Give your hair a good brushing

  • Wash your face - paying attention to your eyes and ears

  • Brush and floss

  • Take time to address other personal hygiene areas like trimming nails and moisturizing those feet

  • Put on some cozy pajamas and drift off to your dreams

These simple self-care activities are incredibly nurturing and comforting. While you may not have the time for all of them, there are certainly a few that probably beckoned to you. Start with those. Self-care is soothing. It is loving yourself. When you take care of yourself, you're able to show up better for others, both at work and at home.

If you're looking for a holistic Health Coach, contact Rose

I offer Diet Analysis, and Energy work as well

Remember to Be Kind to Yourself!

~ Rose


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