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Why Multi-Vitamins can be a Bad Idea

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

You may be defeating your supplement goals by taking one multivitamin.

Yes, we love to think that we have it all covered by popping a multivitamin every day. Unfortunately, our bodies may struggle with that approach. Some vitamins can get in the way of others. For example, calcium will reduce the absorption of iron. So why take a multi which will cause multiple absorption problems? My advice: set up time to talk with someone educated on health and nutrition.

It Takes a Little Work

You will be better off finding out what is lacking in your diet, and then targeting supplements to fill in those gaps. As with anything done well, you have to put in a little work! For the independents out there: There are plenty of online food and fitness trackers, such as

Let Others do the Work

Or you can hire a consultant. They can track your diet, allergies, preferences, and create a diet and supplement plan that can support your health. Nutrient timing is important, and goes hand in hand with digestion. It is worth the investment! I provide nutrition coaching and am happy to help you on this journey. Contact me, Rose, at

Get Motivated with a Coach!

Move forward! Enjoy the journey!

Working with a consultant can turn health into a team effort, create fun, and give you lots of ideas! You will get quality advice that makes sense for your life. Not Joe’s life, who lost 40 pounds eating tuna, or Cheryl who follows a super strict diet. YOU are unique and special, so don’t apply someone else’s solution to your life. (Really, when does that ever work?)

I can't wait to meet you!

~ Rose


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