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I Flipped the Diet Switch

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Wow. Today is a new day. I have started a diet that I always mocked, and I love it!

We know that every person is inherently unique. Our fingerprints and our eye scans have become standard identifiers. Even facial recognition can identify a stranger in a crowd of thousands. On a cellular level, our biological makeup is a special combination of thousands of chemical elements, which respond to every signal and nutrient that comes their way.

If we live a planet of billions of individuals, then why do we insist on one diet solution? It doesn't make much sense. Yes, we try to find similarities, but the bottom line is that we have to respect how our body responds to food. My roast beef sandwich is my brother's stomach ache.

It is only logical that each food will have a different reaction in each person. Observing our responses to foods and meals gives tremendous insight into or health.

This is where the Blood Type Diet comes in

It is primarily based on thousands of observational data correlating blood type, food and symptoms. The author of Eat Right for Your Type, Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, has found some research that shows blood type is related to disease. Consider the fact that people with blood type O tend to produce more stomach acid, and they are statistically more likely to have ulcers. While there are not many studies testing the Blood Type Diet out, it has never-the-less developed a strong following for over 2 decades now.  

Dr. D'Adamo has taken this concept of body wisdom and designed a program that has taken the observation, connected them to the 4 blood types (O, A, B, AB) and has sorted them into a buffet of options for each. The options are sorted into Beneficial Foods, Neutral Foods and Avoid Foods. As long as you stay within the formula below, then you are on track.

Calorie Intake = (80% Beneficial + Neutral) + (20% Avoid)

For example, as a type O, bacon is an 'Avoid' food for me, but I could still have a slice or two if I wanted. Overall, there are so many yummy foods on the Beneficial and Neutral lists, that I had no problem sticking to the program.

Here's the bonus:

You can really enjoy the foods you love without having to learn about Fat Bombs, Tempeh, or avoiding hidden ingredients. There is a terrific app that helps you plan what to buy and eat. Eating at restaurants is often a struggle for dieters, but not here. It couldn't be easier. 

Finally, I felt WONDERFUL when I stuck to the foods recommended. My digestion and GI system has always been good, and on these foods, it was next level calm and happy! My mental attitude was also impacted positively. I floated through stressful situations that would normally drift negative. I am sad to see this month end. Out of the 6 diets that I have pursued, (Vegetarian, VEGAN, Probiotic-Rich, Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Blood Type Diet) this is by far my favorite.

But what about the rebuttals that blood type diet advice is hokum?

I'd say that sometimes we need to listen more to how our bodies respond than ignore the aches and pains that experts claim are normal. I'm sure there are many athletes with type O blood that love vegetarian food, and plenty of type A athletes that excel on a meat-based diet. Good for them! We are unique in how we respond to food.

My personal experience testing out this theory, was that Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo is not a fraud. He is sincere in his effort to help people find the right balance of health. He is not on a path to vilify entire food groups, or to tell us that he has the only answer. It's not a mystery to me why this approach to eating has lasted. It works. No one is more surprised than me. Have you ever had to repent? I am now a disciple!

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Until next time,

Be Kind to Yourself!

~ Rose 

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