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Fork in the Mouth Disease?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020


Are you really serious about your health?



See, in my opinion, most people have “Fork-In-The-Mouth Disease.” The only rule that we apply is that we use a fork and open our mouths. And once we get going, it’s hard to stop.

Why is it so hard for us to eat the right things? What can possibly be better than a snack of grapes? It’s the best. But instead, we act as if there is a 10-foot wall between us and the fruit drawer, so we slop together a tortilla with cheese. So unhealthy, so unsatisfying. And we wonder why we feel heavy and out of energy.

It comes down to that we never learn the basics of eating. What????

Rule #1: Drink 2 glasses of water, at 3 times throughout the day.

Why? It’s easier to get in your water in the first half of the day.

Once when you rise, Once at 11am, and again at 3pm. The first is a flush, the second is before lunch and the third prevents mindless midday snacking.

Rule #2: Always eat fruit on an empty stomach.

Why? Timing. Your body can rapidly digest it in under 10 minutes. This way all those nutrients get straight into your system. If you violate this rule, and for example eat an apple after eating a sandwich, you are likely to get stomach cramps. Best times to eat fruit: While making breakfast, or great mid-day if the 11am or 3pm water breaks aren’t enough.

Rule #3: Eat nuts with greens.

Or eat them alone. Why? Nuts and greens complement each other, aiding in digestion. This makes a handful of nuts on a salad a perfect - and flavorful - addition. Otherwise, consume nuts as a high protein midday snack. This will give you a fuel boost that is rich in healthy fats as well. Now, some people will substitute a granola bar because it has protein and dried fruit. Not a great idea. These have lots of sugar and preservatives.

Rule #4: At meals, don’t mix proteins with carbs.

Eat steak with vegetables, and pasta with vegetables, but don’t eat steak with pasta.

Why? Reduces the digestion/transit time. Whenever we eat in ways that reduce work on our digestion, we feel more energetic. The less time your body is forced to spend digesting food, the more energy it has available to fight off bacteria and viruses. This rule takes a little practice to get used to. If you need some meal ideas, see my recipe page.


Respect your food


Love Yourself

This is not a diet. Just guidelines to help your body get the most out of your food. You will reap dividends if you apply these principles, in both health and energy.

It’s often easier to have some help, and that’s what I do. I’m a nutrition coach. I can put together a menu plan for you to support your needs!

So, please, readers, have respect for what you eat. In our culture we don’t take time to enjoy our food. Neither do we take time to truly understand how to be in harmony with it.

Until next time,


Health Coach and owner of Patient Therapies LLC


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