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From Out-of-Balance to Thriving

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

I tipped over during yoga the other day.

I didn't get enough sleep last night.

I didn't get it all done.

I need to do more.

I ate too much.

I'm tired.

Too many of us have forgotten how to Thrive. We have lost our balance and feel overwhelmed. Joy in life can be restored simply through understanding our relationship to food. Give yourself the gift of restoring your health! You are not alone. Take a moment to read my story. Actually, it is quite an ordinary story, and I believe many of you will recognize yourself in this tale.

About 2 years ago I found myself in a job that exhausted me. But I loved it! I worked hard, made friends, and helped people – sounds perfect?? But I began the slow descent into blob-dom. There was always a reason to skip exercise, and to eat at my favorite Mexican Cantina, along with a margarita or two...

So how did I change it?

  1. Choice: I saw that I am the only one in charge of what goes into my body.

  2. Priorities: I recognized that I was trading off higher priorities for a company that would move on without me. I had to carve out more space for me - a gift to myself. As many readers well know, that when you take care of yourself, it is also a gift to those who love you! I became healthier and revitalized. I remain so today.

  3. Passion: I set goals along with planned victories along the way. One goal was to run a marathon. As I trained, I completed shorter races, building my determination. I finished my marathon! I still run.

The key to my progress was recognizing my relationship to food. The foods we eat can literally clog us up, or clear us up. I decided it was time to choose. It was food itself that allowed me to feel that higher vibration and increased awareness and to the balance I'm feeling today. This journey is rewarding and fun!

I would be honored to partner with you! I’m a Master Nutrition Therapist and I believe that I can help you reclaim your energy. I want you to Thrive! Visit my website at

I got enough sleep last night.

I didn't get it all done.

But that's okay

I ate enough.

I'm not tired.

I still tip over in yoga...

~ Rose


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